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    Our software solutions are designed to make insurance management easy and efficient. From policy administration to claims management, and everything in between.

    The Next Wave of P&C Insurance Solutions

    Revolutionize policy administration & billing

    Experience the benefits of modern technology to simplify everything from underwriting to billing while tapping into the benefits of integrated AI and deep data insights.

    • Improve underwriting
    • Automate routine tasks
    • Better understand your data
    The Next Wave of P&C Insurance Solutions

    Be easy to do business with

    From new business submissions to providing stellar service to your insureds, SpearPortal™ makes it possible.

    • Increase agent loyalty
    • Expand communication channels
    • Enable self-service
    SpearPortal for Insurance Agents and Policyholders
    The Next Wave of P&C Insurance Solutions

    Improve outcomes with better software

    Take back control and manage your claims better with predictive analytics, intelligent automation, and flexible configuration

    • Seamless FNOL reporting
    • Leverage AI recommendations
    • Focus on human aspect of work
    SpearClaims for P&C Insurance

    Tap into third-party connectors

    Integrate easily with your preferred third-party service providers. Our growing ecosystem includes 1000's of plug & play integrations out of the box.

    Driving innovation in insurance

    At Spear we are pushing the limits to deliver innovative core technology solutions to level the playing field across our industry.

    Decreasing Average Time to Settle

    Decreasing Average Time to Settle

    Leveraging modern core technology enables insurers to reduce the average time to settle claims, leading to improved customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage in the market.

    Ten Ways to Lower Claims Handling Expenses

    Ten Ways to Lower Claims Handling Expenses

    Claims Handling Expenses: The costs associated with processing and administering claims, including personnel, technology, and overhead expenses. These expenses directly impact an insurer’s bottom line, making it essential to find ways to minimize expenses while maintaining high-quality service in order to remain competitive in the market. While most insurers have already made considerable efforts to […]

    Improving Customer Satisfaction Scores

    Improving Customer Satisfaction Scores

    The average Customer Satisfaction Score in the insurance industry can vary depending on factors such as the type of insurance (life, health, auto, etc.), the region, and the specific company. However, in general, the insurance industry tends to have average customer satisfaction scores ranging from around 75% to 85%. This can be influenced by factors […]

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    A small workers’ comp carrier successfully manages large risks thanks to automation, superior loss prevention and claims handling, and personalized attention to customer service.

    Synergy Comp


    A customized technology implementation analysis ultimately resulted in operational efficiencies and improved customer service, enabling this insurer to serve its dealer members with the most economic workers compensation available in the State of Virginia.

    Virginia Auto Dealers Assoc.


    To remain the premier provider of long-term, stable solutions for workers’ compensation insurance in Utah means thinking smart when it comes to risk management and loss prevention growth initiatives; so the firm sought the best possible use of digital technology.

    Utah Business Insurance Co.


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